Useful Links

Although I am not intending this site to become an online resource as such I will try and post useful websites as I find them.

Quinolone Toxicity Support UK – Site dedicated to raising awareness of FQ Toxicity within the UK.

Yellow Cards UK – Government site for reporting adverse reactions to medications.

Floxiehope – A site with stories of people who have recovered after ADRs and what they did to get there.

Hormones Matter – Site dedicated to raising knowledge of medical information and research.

My Quin Story – A blog and site with lots of details about Fluoroquinolone drugs and David’s story of dealing with ADRs from them.

Surviving Cipro – Personal experience and lots of resources

Quinolone Vigilance Foundation – US site raising awareness of the damaging effects of FQ drugs

Certain Adverse Events – Documentary about FQ drug safety

Facebook – There are a bunch of groups on there, some useful and some not so. You might find help searching there.