About Me


Before I set off to the Arctic Circle with some friends raising money for Macmillan Cancer in 2014

I’m a 46 year old guy, born in Illinois, USA however I have been living in England since 1977,  my mothers home country. I did have a couple of years living in South Africa as a kid as well and I have visited a good selection of countries in my lifetime for which I am grateful, although I have many more to visit on my list.  I qualified as an engineer but ended up working in the computer software business where I have worked for over 26 years. I have managed,  designed, developed and supported software systems for companies all over the world including many you will have heard of. I worked as a part time professional equestrian photographer for about 3.5 years and although I don’t do that right now I still try to do as much photography as I can as a hobby.

Motorcycling is a passion and in recent years I’ve dabbled more in the adventure motorcycling scene. In 2014 I rode with a group of friends to the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway from the UK raising a good amount of money for Macmillan Cancer Support (read about out trip here Dash4Dosh)

I’m also a keen science and astronomy buff and love staring at the night sky, watching meteors, the ISS fly over, the moon and planets.I love the space programs as well so you’ll often find me watching NASA TV or catching up on ESA missions.


Me with the Space Shuttle Atlantis the day before it launched on STS-132, May 14 2010

I’m also a cinema addict and me and my partner Caroline go frequently, nothing like a movie on the big screen with a bag of popcorn between you. Music has also been in my life and I used to sing a bit although not so much recently. I do like to dabble with technology, online gaming sometimes and I love sci-fi and fantasy, I guess I’m a bit of a geek!