A new year, time for an update

I’ve started a few posts in recent months and never finished them for various reasons. To be honest I’ve had a lot going on with my health and it has simply taken over my day to day life, I wish it hadn’t.

I’m just about 6 months post heart bypass surgery and although a few niggles continue I have to remind myself that it’s still relatively early days. After the bypass was done and I finally came home I was consumed with recovering from the operation and the effects of that on my already fragile health situation. There was no doubt that I was grateful to be alive, knowing how different things might have been sure left me feeling lucky to have this second chance. It took a couple of months to build up even a basic level of fitness but I have, allowing me to at least walk to the level I had reached prior to the operation. That means on a good day I might be able to make a 5km walk or so although always with some degree of consequence, usually leg pains or pain in the right shoulder blade area where the tendons and muscles seem particularly weak since the Ciprofloxacin.

I’m now taking various medications to keep the heart rate, blood pressure and Cholesterol levels all at low levels. My existing “floxed” condition has already damaged my cells so I have struggled with these medications, in particular the statins which caused increased muscle pain and I had to stop them and change to a different kind of Cholesterol lowering drug which may also be causing some issues. Up until November I guess I was dealing with things fairly well physically and emotionally, considering I still have heart issues that need checking out. But as is common I found the emotions began to run amok and the anxiety about the future, the realisation what might have been and the consequences of all this on my life started to kick in. The last couple of months have therefore been more difficult to deal with, especially as the floxing issues really started to kick back in at the same time!

Over the Christmas period I struggled with increased musculoskeletal issues again, tendon pains in my arms and legs making it difficult to get on with much at all. Those waxed and waned allowing me some moments to get out but the new year has seen the symptoms increase considerably. Why? I don’t know, diet? medication I’m taking? electrolyte issues? Vitamin deficiency? All I know is that today I’m in considerable pain with stabbing pains in my calf muscles, arms, back. Cramping in the muscles along with  Itchy skin and soreness which is driving me a bit nuts! And various other issues I won’t go into, but lets just say I feel pretty dire. I’m trying to increase my water intake, taking Magnesium. vitamin C and eating more veg/fruit. So far no change except I’m in the toilet every half hour taking a pee! My fingers are hurting to even type this but I wanted to get an update done as it’s been quite a while.

I have a Rheumatology appointment coming up in about 2 weeks which I know is likely going to result in very little but you never know. Then a week later I have a gastroscopy and colonoscopy being done which I’m not looking forward to although I’d like to rule out any sinister causes for the abdominal and bowel pains I’ve had this year. Considering I’ve already dealt with open heart surgery I’d rather not have anything else to deal with.

On a personal front, I lost my aunt on Friday after a long battle with lung disease. That has caused a lot of emotional pain and no doubt isn’t helping things with my health, emotional stuff does bring down our immune system etc..

That’s enough for now, fingers hurt… well everything is hurting. I hope I get to update with some positive and happy news soon rather than more doom and gloom!





2 thoughts on “A new year, time for an update

  1. Recommend you get your Homocysteine levels checked Chris. High Homocysteine is a known cause of blocked blood vessels. High Homocysteine is also a good indicator of B12 deficiency as well, Cipro is very good at damaging the gut and preventing absorption of vitamins and minerals.

    Read up on B12 deficiency and maybe you’ll see that the symptoms are extremely similar to Fluoroquinolone toxicity. B12 deficiency causes things like blurry vision, tinnitus, nerve pain, poor memory, fatigue, muscle twitching, skin burning, hormone dysregulation, immune dyregulation.

    Get the Homocysteine checked, you can add an additional Methymalonic Acid test if you want to check B12 levels even more accurately. Serum B12 will possibly be normal but the above 2 tests will show if B12 is making it into your body’s cells where it is needed.

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