When I had my adverse reaction to Ciprofloxacin just over 2 years ago it felt like my world had turned upside down. The onslaught of physical symptoms each day followed by the mental torture, anxiety and depression was without doubt life changing. I’ve fought slowly to get over the remaining symptoms but they persist and only time will tell if I ever fully recover from those 8 days of medication.

But the recent diagnosis of my unexpected heart condition really puts a fresh perspective on life and what we deal with. I had my initial consultation with the surgeon yesterday where my situation was explained plain and simple. My left major artery has severe narrowing and is 95% blocked. Being male the left major artery is hugely important as it feeds the majority of the heart. At the moment I have a tiny artery feeding the heart and as such I am walking a tightrope with my life. I was told that without a doubt I will die without having this operation. So he has fast tracked me as quickly as he can and I will be going in next Monday it seems for an operation on Tuesday and a resulting triple bypass operation that I hope will give me my life back and a future for many more years. 

Why have I got this? He doesn’t know but it’s possibly genetic and inherited and he will be testing samples to look for possible causes. Maybe I’m just unlucky or maybe even Ciprofloxacin has played a part in this but I can’t say for sure.

What I will say is that my perspective has changed significantly since this has happened. The reality of a life threatening condition versus an long term condition can not be compared. I’d rather be dealing with my floxing symptoms than this any day. So when your feeling down and like your floxing damage has robbed you of life, remember you’re still alive, you still have a chance to recover and whatever happens never take for granted the life you have no matter how bad it seems. I’ve lost parents and grandparents to illness and I’d do anything to have them back.

One thought on “Perspective 

  1. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I went through a heart scare 14 months post flox. After tons of tests showing PACs and PVCs, IVCD, and other little abnormalities, my chemical stress test showed a normal result. I know that I definitely see the world differently after my scare. I am sending prayers and good thoughts.

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