A week later

So I’m back a week after my last post, why? I’m not feeling great and I want to document this continued spiral downward I’m currently going through.

The last week has been tough, repeated headaches, constant joint pains and burning, numb and loose feeling teeth and now painful IBS or IBD pains above my left hip. The end result is that I don’t feel well, not at all. My mental state is not great either, the constant worry about my symptoms, the pain and anxiety is draining me right now.

My teeth are not improving, all the upper teeth have a numb feeling and are a bit loose. I’m really very worried that I might lose some at the moment and I can’t do anything to stop it. The FQ toxicity is known to deplete collagen in the body a key element in ligaments and elastic connections including the material that holds teeth in place. My guess from reading other accounts is that the FQ toxicity has depleted that material causing the loose feeling and discomfort.

The pain above my hip has worsened in the last few days, a constant gnawing and pain along with gurgling sounds point towards something not being happy there at the moment. Again I’ve no idea what has triggered it or indeed how to counter it but it’s another symptom I’d rather not have. 

So I’ve pulled out Dr Whals Protocol book once again and I’m making an effort to actually read it. So far it’s been quite interesting and very plausible in her theories. She herself was suffering MS and had been for many years, taking the standard medications that treated the symptoms and tried to slow the progress of her illness, but this was no cure. My issues are along similar lines to MS in that I have problems associated with an autoimmune disease. My body has been damaged at the cell level, mitochondrial damage, the very powerhouses that drive cells and keep us functioning correctly. The problem is that this kind of condition is very hard to diagnose and treat and so most people suffering adverse reactions to medications suffer long and painful lives often with little useful help from regular doctors. What we suffer is not an illness as such but a bunch of illnesses caused by taking a medication. Most of us develop a bunch of issues that we previously had no symptoms of or in some cases mild conditions become chronic as a result. 

The only real problem I currently have that I had suffered in the past was anxiety and depression. I know what that stuff is, I’ve lived it, worked through it and rarely suffer it now unless some mega emotional stressful situation was to happen. Now, post Cipro, I get episodes of quite acute anxiety and depression which have been amplified by the FQ toxicity. It’s a common and well documented effect that a majority of FQ toxicity sufferers experience anxiety even if they have never had it before. Anyway all the other conditions are new post Cipro, a gift from the medication, one I can’t return.

So Dr Wahls book provides an overview of how cells work, what goes wrong, why autoimmune diseases happen and how diet can provide a way forward. Her personal story is pretty remarkable, going from being wheelchair bound to riding mountain bikes, hiking up hills and having a pretty active lifestyle. Whether diet can transform my current situation I don’t know, I hope so. What I’m hoping is that after I start her protocol I will notice a number of things fairly quickly:

  1. Improved mood
  2. Improved concentration 
  3. Improved sleep
  4. No more headaches or teeth pains

I would expect the effects on muscles and joints to take longer, months or maybe year. They key thing is that there are 2 other important factors in progress as far as she is concerned.

  1. You need a stress free life as much as possible
  2. You need to do exercise, gradual, whatever you can but some activity

To give you some drive forward you need to set objectives, some goal that you want to achieve that will inspire you to focus and keep on plan. 

I already try and get out, do normal stuff as best I can. Yesterday I went to an Airshow, I hobbled around, my legs were sore, my head and hip hurt but I did it. Sure today I’m suffering in many ways but my view is that the Airshow and other things I want to do are not going to wait for me to get better, if I don’t try and go I’ll just be wasting my life away. I can’t do everything I want to, in fact I can’t do most of what I want, but I can do some. I’ll keep updating here with progress or not as the case may be.

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