It’s been a while!

I have been somewhat distracted by life in the last.. well month or two and so the blog posts have sadly fallen by the wayside. So what has been going on with me?

I saw a specialist privately a few months ago whilst I wait for my NHS appointment to arrive. It wasn’t cheap but I felt the need was such that I would find the fee one way or another. I was prescribed low dose Prednisolone for a few weeks and had a bunch of blood tests done. So far I’m not sure what the results of the blood tests indicate if anything as I’ve not seen the specialist again yet but I do think the Prednisolone provided some relief to the joint pains I continue to have.

That leads nicely on to my current floxing situation which is still somewhat up and down. Many of the early symptoms have faded or vanished such as the tinnitus and bad electric shock type symptoms. I do still have some annoying ad-hoc symptoms and other fairly constant issues which are more of a concern.

The ad-hoc issues include:

  • Episodes of palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Sudden tiredness and loss of any energy
  • Sudden loss of strength, generally in legs

The more serious issues, or at least ones that cause me daily discomfort and concern are:

  • Constant pains/burning in joints, mainly knees, ankles, feet and elbows
  • Joints in right foot are particularly weakened and this is a combination of the floxing and gout that came on post Cipro
  • Muscle weakness and loss in legs, arms, shoulders etc.. I couldn’t run if I needed to!
  • Eyesight really does seem to have worsened at the moment
  • Periodic episodes of anxiety, depression and loss of ability to focus on mental tasks

That being said I am trying to make the most of the days I feel improvements and as such I have been able to camp for a few days at a science and music festival, I get out to see some racing and even an airshow. I suffer after for days but I need to grab some normality in all this. Sure, I could shut myself in the house, complain about how angry I am about the system, moan about my failing health (which I do anyway!) But I could drop dead tomorrow and all the moaning in the world isn’t going to make my life better, it will simply waste what time I have left on this world.

I even managed a short ride on my motorbike the other day, it felt good! OK I don’t have the strength to ride hard or to really push the corners but I could at least ride. I struggled a bit with the clutch and my arms and shoulders were pretty sore for days but I felt pleased I had been able to do something I loved for the first time in a year.

Now I’m not recovered, I’m far from that still as I keep finding out when my symptoms suddenly take a plunge and I sit at home in pain wondering why I’m going backwards again. But I have to hold on to the hope that in time, maybe a long time, I will be much better and be able to live a normal life if restricted. As long as I can do the things I want to, even if it means walking more slowly or taking my time then I’ll be happy.

So my advice to everyone dealing with this (including myself) is don’t waste your days feeling sorry for yourself or being angry at the people who caused this, it won’t change a thing! Live your life to the best of your abilities, make it as full and happy as you can and accept we may never be exactly the way we were before… but we are still here!

Here’s me and my partner making some good memories at Jodrell Bank in England a few weeks ago!


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