And so it continues

Just catching up here with an update on Life. I thought the gout was kicking in again 2 days ago but so far it hasn’t but instead I’ve had increased all over joint and muscle problems, fatigue, burning in the joints and skin. FQT symptoms have gone up significantly and my general feeling of well being is through the floor at the moment. Mentally I’m at a low, too much stress, too many problems and unexpected things converging on my life from lots of directions have led to sleepless nights and a brain that refuses to shut up. I’m tired, both physically from the day to day struggle that is apparently life and mentally from the constant pains, worries, up and down emotions of dealing with FQT, work worries and the list just grows.

I keep seeing things on TV, people enjoying life, trekking across amazing countryside, swimming in crystal blue seas, just doing what normal people do and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that again. Not having been able to walk properly for over 6 months, limping around all the time, the constant twinges in my muscles, the sharp pains in my ankles, hips, the up and down sleep patterns, the increased anxiety and palpitations that seem to come with that, a constant reminder that my body isn’t right and waiting to “break” with one false move. I just want the ability to enjoy life and I seem to have lost that at the moment.

I try to get through each day as best I can but it’s hard work, never knowing whether you’ll get through without a major incident or if a sudden burst of physical symptoms will kick in and you’ll be back to being a heap of flesh and bones sat immobile in a chair just hoping the latest batch of torture will pass. You just want to be able to go out and do physical things, plan stuff and know that you’ll be able to do them. I’ve never felt so trapped by life, restricted by my own physical abilities and I don’t like it.

Our cat Luna has brought some much needed light into a very dark world. Her wonder and curiosity of everything is a delight to watch. She goes from being a maniac cat running around the house at warp factor 10 to a calm purring kitten sat on your lap in almost an instant.  When your opinion of the world and life seems to fade something like this is a much needed reminder that life can be fun and interesting. I think I want to be a cat in another life!


2 thoughts on “And so it continues

  1. I have sth similar
    i have a prostatitis again and again dr’s prescribed:
    feb 2015 cipro 10 days 2x500mg + nsaid
    april 2015 augmentin+doxycycline 14+14 days
    jun 2015 cipro 5 days and culture bacteria and … augmentin the best antibiotics 14 days 1g x2
    and prostatitis again
    jul 2015 bactrim 3 days and fluoroquinolone bomb exploded and prostatitis is still (fq hell to much symptoms to describe)
    1 year out after fq bomb exploded i still cant work, housebound, and i only have a hope.
    Can cook, shopping in my shop near the flat but
    still fatigue and muscle weakness, pain. Hell.
    I dont know if i ever will be working in IT like you worked, im system engineer, administrator, server, rhel, oracle db 🙂
    However i think you googled prostatitis
    and this condition is uncureable using antibiotics.
    If you have symptoms prostatitis again try
    infra red lamp aparat lightmed 3-4 hours daily 1 year, the pain prostatitis is less and if you have a lucky you may cure prostatitis completly.
    we have a polish prostatitis forum
    You may also try bacteriophages in eliava institute,
    or autovaccine treatment in odessa for prostatitis


  2. One more comment, im so angry…
    i made a mistake not checking fucking cipropol in the internet, i trusted my doctors completly,
    and im now sufferer fq toxicity, broken life and im only almost 40.
    Now i only have one dream, let all reponsible people from bayer, jandj, fda, emea let suffer fq toxicy hell.
    we should eat them cipro 1000 tablets and look how they suffer. Im so so angry now.

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