Having a tough week

So it seems that unfortunately my floxing symptoms have been on the increase over the last 5 or 6 days. My gout has eased after taking the Colchicine but the toe joints on that foot are still tender and warm and putting weight on that foot simply hurts.

More concerning is the increased joint and muscle pains I’m getting all over. My knees are both sore and hot, the bottoms of my feet are tender and sore to touch, both elbows are sore, my calf muscles on both sides are sore and tight as are my ankles, the finger joints on both hands are stiff and a few of the fingers are quite sore, my hips hurt and my thighs are tender. Even my shoulders and arms hurt and are weaker. I had to clap last night and it was a struggle doing it for long before my arms burned.

I’m not sure what’s caused this sudden decline or how I get out of it but right now it’s really knocked me back physically and mentally. I thought I was improving but now it seems I’m not.

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