The ups and downs of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last found time to blog about my continued struggle to recover from the adverse reaction to Ciprofloxacin. A lot has happened in that time, both in my life and my health, some good and some not so good.

I had yet another relapse of the gout in the right foot, the third now in a couple of months. Once again I ended up a the doctors and once again I’ve been taking the Colchicine to ease the inflammation and dissolve the uric acid crystals. It’s much improved since I started them 5 days ago but it’s not completely gone, I can feel minor joint pain and tingling still. I have a feeling I’ll end up on long term medication for this which I hope I can get out of taking at some point.

My FQT symptoms have been up and down but still focus mainly around the musculoskeletal issues. My left leg has had a tight and sore calf muscle for 6 months, the ankle remains tight and the knee has been feeling increasingly sore and hot inside. My left elbow also still continues to have intermittent discomfort although I’ve had periods where it seemed improved. Once again I’ve been getting tenderness in some of my fingers and joints in my hands which seems to come and go. The loss of padding is making things painful, especially the bottoms of my feet where the heels and padding have simply gone leaving me with the feeling of walking on bones. The soles of my feet are sore and tender all the time now, very depressing.

I’ve been trying to have some sort of life on the days I feel a bit better. I managed to attend an IT Conference a couple of weeks ago which was pretty important for my job. It was a long and painful day, having to sit frequently or risk my knees giving up or my ankle/calf pain becoming too much. By the end of the day I could barely stand and I left slightly early. The weekend just gone I managed to go watch a bit of racing with a friend but once again I had to hobble around and deal with the pain from the gout and the pain in the other leg where the FQT symptoms are worse. I’ve suffered a couple of days of pain and weakness since then.

One of my newer worries is the development of shooting pains and aches in my FQT leg that come out of the blue and sometimes make me feel a bit off balance. They seem to happen mostly when I’m walking around or on my feet doing things. It could well be nerve related or muscle related but I also worry that the symptoms match a condition called Peripheral Artery Disease which is a narrowing of the arteries in the legs etc.. I should be low risk but once again the damage the FQ has done could make me more prone to conditions I’d usually be a low risk of getting. In addition it can be hereditary and I know my biological father suffered PAD. I’m going to monitor it and if it continues I’ll discuss with my Doctor but I’m reluctant in some ways to keep bringing up more and more health conditions even if they are a possibility. The onset of PAD includes calf pain and muscle weakness (I’ve had that 6 months now) Joint pains, gout risk is apparently increased. I don’t have all the symptoms you can have such as sores that won’t heal but I do get pains that improve if I rest a short while.

I was pleased to hear the FDA announcement regarding new guidelines and increased caution when prescribing them. Hopefully the UK follows their lead and updates the guidelines here. Sadly it doesn’t help me get well again but it might stop others suffering what I and many others are going through.



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