Hope at last!

After 5 very rough months and almost a year of cipro related issues I finally got to see a specialist who has given me something I had lost, hope.

The appointment went very well,  she went through the history, frequently talked about the cipro causing my issues and was very realistic about the whole situation. She did a brief examination including my gout which she confirmed looked pretty typical for acute gout.

So finally there’s a plan, something I was lacking and something that gives direction. She thinks that in time I’ll get much better, she doesnt believe I’m about to kick the bucket or that I’ll get worse but she can’t guarantee that of course. She wants me to have a bunch of tests checking things like autoimmune profile, RA, liver and kidney function etc. .

The initial plan is to take a round of  Colchicine to try and rid the gout from my foot. Then get the tests done so I can start a “baby dose” of Prednisolone which she hopes might produce some relief whilst my body tries to deal with the problems. I know there’s mixed feelings about Prednisolone¬† but if it stabilises my inflamed muscles, joints etc.. and allows a better standard of life then it is worth trying.

She will review the various tests when they are back and in about 6 weeks we will catch up to see if the Prednisolone has helped at all. So I feel a bit more positive and just having a plan of sorts is a big mental boost.

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