Something Positive

I’ve had a few up and down days with the health but there’s a some good news in the mix I hope. Firstly the Gout seems to have subsided but I’m left with joint issues in the big toe and the joints under the foot. Along with what I believe is “Burning Foot Syndrome”, a small fibre neuropathy issue which may be related to the Gout or Floxing I don’t know.

My general well-being has been mixed, had some jittery days, the odd palpitation here and there, weird head, tired a lot of the time. Now this may be simply where I’m tired and I’ve not taken any supplements for a couple of weeks whilst suffering the Gout or I’m just going through a phase of some sort. Yesterday was a difficult mental day for me, it was my mothers birthday which is always a mix of emotions since she passed away.

But there’s some interesting news on the health front. A friend passed on the details of her rheumatology consultant so I dropped her an email. She replied and suggested I call her which I did yesterday. She was very friendly and explained that she had seen a few people with ADRs in the past and would be happy to try to help although she did state that often time is the main healer. Happily she gave me the details to pass on to my GP. As it happens my GP appointment was later in the afternoon! So I spoke to him about the Gout, to which he currently wants to do nothing and just watch and see if I have another episode. I then brought up getting a referral and although initially he was reluctant to refer me out of the area, I explained that she was aware of my situation and had agreed to see me. So he took her details and said he put in the request and hopefully it would be approved.

So fingers crossed I’ll get an NHS referral and will get to see her in a couple of months (yes months… this is the UK) However based on how far away that appointment might be I have already thought about having a one off private appointment with her to get the ball rolling. Whether she can help or not I’m not sure but if she can at least check for other issues and rule them out then that is going to be a step forward for sure.

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