Medication last resort!

After 4 agonising weeks trying to deal with a nasty Gout attack naturally I reluctantly waved the white flag and went to my GP. I started a course of 12 Colchicine tablets Monday so  I’m on day 5 of 6 days now. There’s a big improvement but my foot is not back to normal yet. Having never taken this stuff or dealt with this condition I’m not sure what to expect, full recovery and my foot back to normal? Gradual improvement over time? I just don’t know, but I am also still aware that my uric acid levels are probably still high and there’s no doubt a fight going on where the Colchicine is trying to remove the crystals and the uric acid levels are still high enough to produce more. Maybe the Gout will just come back once these pills finish their work but I hope not.

At the moment I have less pain but I am suffering from a burning foot, mainly on the bottom. I have researched online and it sounds like “burning foot syndrome” and there are reports of Colchicine triggering it. Again I hope it settles down after as it’s pretty uncomfortable. The joints are less painful and I can bend the toes with only minor discomfort now which is a positive step forward. I have tolerated the pills fairly well, some cramping and lightheaded feelings, a bit of mild nausea but nothing major so far. My stomach isn’t as happy today as I expect the effects accumulate over time but I know now I can tolerate a low dose if needed in the future.

In the mean time I’ve been generally feeling a bit worse, aching, tired, floxing pains worse. Last night I went downhill fast, climbed into bed and dropped off pretty much right away, unheard of in recent times. I expect this medication isn’t helping the situation as my body is already fighting a battle  with the floxing and this medication is pretty potent. The pills are tiny in size but clearly heavy duty in effect. I just want to get the Gout controlled and gone so I can continue to focus on getting my general health back. I know this is a long road and that improvements are generally small but every day something is a little better is a victory.

Apart from all this life has continue to tick by and I’m trying to carry on as normally as I can. I’m focusing on work, learning new skills and developing a new product which I hope will bring in enough money at some point to keep me employed. There are days it’s very hard to focus and then others were I my brain is clearer and I am in the zone. I’m lucky I work from home otherwise I would have really struggled this last 4 months.

I hope that at some point this year I can get away for a break, a little holiday somewhere, warm sunshine, warm sea, no stress etc.. That in itself will no doubt help my well being and recovery! Swimming is on my list of activities to get started, probably next week if this Gout settles, but swimming in a pool is never as nice as in the warm sea. The salt water is great for healing and the warm sun boosts the vitamin D levels and helps aching bones.

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