New symptom or something else?

This week I’ve tried to be a bit more active. I’ve been out a couple of times and managed to walk around for a while but there’s always a price. My legs tire pretty quickly, my knees click and at the moment I’m still suffering pain from the gout in my right foot. It’s frustrating as hell because I shouldn’t be feeling like this! Just a few months ago I could walk for hours now I’m hurting after 15 minutes.

We decided to pop to Blickling Estate for a couple of hours on Wednesday to get some fresh air and stop the increasing cabin fever I’m getting. I love visiting these old stately homes and last year I joined the National Trust so we could visit as often as we wanted. Blickling has a lot of history, it’s the location of Anne Bolyne’s birth, wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I. It also has very close ties with the Royal Airforce and was used in the world wars by the forces. It’s also a magnificent building to look at. England has many faults but the history of this country is rich and full of suprises.


So after a short visit I was shattered, the soles of my feet including the pads and heels were sore as I’ve lost padding there in the last couple of months, It’s like walking on bones! I also had some palpitations and weird feelings in my chest which may have a dozen causes but are never pleasant. The palpitations and weird chest sensations carried on for the next couple of days but hopefully have settled now.

Friday morning I had a GP appointment finally. I’d had the previous one cancelled as the GP was ill and I had to wait an additional 3 weeks on top of the 3 I’d already waited. 6 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait to see a doctor. Symptoms change rapidly, momentum in the diagnosis and treatments is lost, it really isn’t an ideal situation. The results of the appointment were disappointing, more delays, more blood tests ordered for more unrelated issues and a chest x ray ordered for yet another issue I don’t have. When I got home I realised I only had a chest x ray in October and really don’t want another one if I don’t have to.

Friday night I had a new issue arise. I had taken 2 tart cherry capsules with water. A few minutes after I had a feeling in my throat like the capsules were stuck. I drank more water, no better. I ate a banana hoping it might move anything that might be stuck, still no luck. So I went to bed and figured if it was the capsule it would disolve and clear. But the feeling stayed all night and stopped me sleeping. At 3am I got up and made a hot drink hoping that might help, but it didn’t. I lay awake the rest of the night. After a little research I realised it could be Thyroid related. I have had lots of other symptoms that match, weight loss, depression, fatigue, muscle loss, shallow breathing and now swallowing issues. So I’m going to request the blood test to check it’s function. I’ve heard FQT can cause Thyroid issues so who knows. All I know is my throat still feels the same this morning, like something is lodged in there!

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