Tough couple of weeks

The last couple of weeks have been difficult. Not only have I been dealing with the floxing symptoms with continued insomnia, weak muscles,  cramping, joint clicking and pain all over I’ve also had to deal with the gout in my right big toe. I’ve resisted using medication to deal with it since I can’t be sure what will or won’t trigger problems now my immune system is not working well. I’ve basically tried to drink lots of water, taken tumeric orally and as a press on the inflamed joint. It’s gradually improved and although still very sore at night it is much better during the day. From what I have read I can expect it to take a little while to settle down completely.

The last few days I’ve had increased muscle pains all over. My left leg is still very weak and hurts all the time I walk on it. My left elbow continues to be uncomfortable and leaning on it is a big no no! All in all I’ve been struggling to get any sleep at all. Last night I must have managed 2 hours if you totalled up the various naps. Even though I’ve never been the best sleeper this last 4 months or so have been 10x worse.

I’ve had to restrict my diet a bit with this gout and that’s not helped the floxing symptoms I don’t think. Since I’ve cut out high purine foods which ironically are high antioxidant leafy veg and fish my symptoms appear worse.

I’ve also just started taking tart cherry capsules instead of juice which may have contributed to the gout with the sugar?

Today a different magnesium arrived in the form of magnesium  malate. I had been taking supermarket magnesium oxide which isn’t well absorbed it seems. Hopefully this malate will work better.


The sun is shinning today so going to try and get out for a while even if I have to limp everywhere!

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