Bank Holiday Weekend

Afternoon all.. well I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. I’ve been pretty much engulfed in my own thoughts and physical condition over the last 4 or 5 days.

I spent most of this weekend with my leg up on cushions trying to get rid of this gout so sadly all I’ve seen are the same 4 walls I’ve been looking at for the majority of the last 4 months. The gout has actually distracted me from my floxing issues temporarily but they’ve not gone. I’ve had to be even more careful with food since the gout can be worsened ironically by food that helps floxies! The foot is less painful and I can bend the toe a lot more with less pain today so hopefully things are headed in the right direction.

The downside to all the resting is that other parts of me are aching and a bit sore. My shoulders and back ache due to sitting or laying so much in recent months.  My digestive system also seems to have gone haywire with undesired consequences. I’m actually wondering how much food I’m eating is being broken down and used by my body.

I feel pretty sad that 4 months have passed since my relapse and although I’m better in some respects in others I’m still struggling. Another bank holiday weekend passes by and I’ve done nothing, seen no one and spent most of it rather angry and fed up. I know many people would love to sit around all day, watch TV, sleep, eat etc.. and do little else but that’s not me. I like to get out and do things, whether that’s simply going to Norwich and walking around town before grabbing a coffee or maybe taking my motorbike out for an hours ride up the coast, I just like to be out.

I know I need to rest but I also know that doing nothing will only serve to weaken my muscles further and reduce the bodies efficiency in all aspects.  So I plan on starting some form of light exercise asap after my foot returns to normal. Swimming is the likely activity to start with and some short walks. I need my life back, I can’t live this way forever.

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