Shout out to the gout!

At the beginning of last week I noticed my right foot was a bit sore, especially the front pads and toe. I assumed as always that the pain was likely due to the floxing. However 2 days later, Wednesday 23rd March,  I was awoken in the middle of the night with sharp pain in my right big toe. This pain was excruciating and as I attempted to get out of bed to go to the bathroom I realised I couldn’t put weight on the foot.

I hobbled to the bathroom and got back in bed but I couldn’t sleep with the pain. In the morning I examined my foot and I could see the joint on the big toe was red and throbbing.


I immediately realised this was likely to be gout but I couldn’t understand why I would be getting it since my diet was very low in purines. The swelling and pain increased and the whole foot became hot and swollen.


As I searched for remedies I realised that all the usual treatments such as anti inflammatory drugs I could not risk after my reaction to Ibuprofen. Still I had such pain I decided to visit a GP. They looked briefly at my foot, said it could be gout, then prescribed me some Colchicine without doing any tests. I took the prescription just incase I had no other options and decided I would try all other options first.

So I started drinking lots of water, increased my tumeric intake and rested my foot, elevated it so as to reduce the pain. I used ice to numb the pain and Caroline mixed up some tumeric and coconut oil which she made into a paste and applied to the joint as a press.


The press appeared to help along with the increased water and tumeric intake. 2 days later the swelling has reduced although I still can’t put weight on the foot. So I continue to rest and hope this subsides without medication but time will tell.

In the mean time I had been thinking what might have caused this and one possibility came to mind. I had recently been drinking more tart cherry juice to try and help sleep. And although the juice can help with sleep it may have increased the sugar levels considerably but this is just a hypothesis.

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