Food, where are all the cakes?

I wanted to do a brief post on my diet. There was a time not long ago when I’d happily munch through half a packet of chocolate biscuits with a cup of tea whilst watching TV. I’d eat half a large popcorn,  a Ben and Jerry’s icecream, drink half a litre of diet Pepsi watching a movie at the cinema. I’d even wash down a nice piece of carrot cake with a skinny capaccino at Costa whilst working on my laptop… but not anymore.

I’ve had to change, there’s no choice if I want to give my body the best chance of repairing the damage Ciprofloxacin has inflicted on me. So now I’m eating much more healthily, almost no sugar or dairy and very little meat. I’m eating fish and bowls of veg, something that’s pretty alien to me.

So here are some examples of recent meals I’ve had.


Breakfast. Weetabix with Blueberries, Bananas, Raisins, Pecans, Chia and Almond Milk.


Tuna salad. Spinach leaves, Shredded Carrots, Advacado, Linseed with a drizzle of Apple Cider Vinegar and Virgin Olive oil.


Fishermans pie, Kale, Corn on the cob with Advacado on the side.


Rice, Salad, Corn on the cob and Sardines.


Breakfast of organic eggs, toast and Salmon.

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