24 hours later

Yesterday was a bad day, mentally tough and physically tiring,  today is a little better. I drank 100ml of “Tart Cherry” juice about 2 hours before bed and I actually slept a bit better. Whether that was due to the juice or just because I’ve had 3 months of next to minimal sleep I don’t know but I was glad of the extra couple of hours.

Caroline suggested we get out today, try to clear my head, get some air, change of scenery etc… The sun was shinning, blue skies and fluffy clouds were drifting by the bedroom window and I agreed it would be nice to get out. I suggested we go to a vegetarian café in Norwich, have a bite to eat, maybe a brief wander then come home.

My teeth were still a bit numb and tingly but not has bad as yesterday. My legs were still tight though, my knees were hurting a bit and my thighs were sore. All I knew was I wanted some normality for a few hours, do something I used to do and somehow I would do it. We drove to Norwich, about an hours drive with some mixed road conditions. I felt my neck get sore again after a while as I was being jolted around and my head was feeling a bit “numb” I guess is the best way to explain it. It felt like it was full, heavy and my sinuses and eyes felt pressured. I was pleased to arrive and park up, it already felt like I’d achieved something getting that far.

We wandered over to Wild Thyme Vegetarian Restaurant, a really nice small venue with a nice selection of tasty vegetarian dishes and healthy drinks. I settled for a nice bowl of soup, some sweet potato wedges (to share) and a carrot & ginger juice drink. It went down well and I enjoyed it, it was nice to be out and with my girl.

We did a bit of wandering, my legs were struggling a bit, sharp pin prick sensations randomly happened in my thigh, calf and the top rear of my legs. We decided to head back before traffic became an issue with rush hour looming and I’d had enough of walking anyway. The drive back was much like the drive there, neck a bit sore, head feeling a bit odd. Seems the travelling in the car causes my head to go into overdrive and the full head feeling returns.

So here I am, doing this update, annoyingly my fingers on my right hand are hurting as I type. Feels like the tendons in a couple of the fingers keep going tight and painful, just hope it eases off. My legs are also feeling the burn of use today, muscles are tight, tendons are sore, I really hope this improves over time.

It was nice to get out and I’ll take what I can of “normality” but the fact that I literally walk at a snails pace as my legs just can’t walk any faster because of the pain and weakness is pretty depressing. I get where I need to eventually I guess, which is better than not getting there. Tonight I’ll rest up, try to relax, eat something healthy then turn in and hope for a few decent hours sleep again.

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