The problem with doctors and drugs

I believe doctors want to make people healthy, I just believe that they have a book to follow, checklists to tick and reference books sometimes years out of date and they rarely deviate from that.

They need to keep up to date with developments with the medications they prescribe, the studies and stories from patients taking them, announcements made by the FDA and other medical bodies (although it’s clear these establishments aren’t all as clean cut as they want us to believe, there’s money in pharma and who you know clearly helps). How that information is relayed to doctors is the problem, we all know the pressures they are under to deliver “good statistics” when the focus should be patient health. The family doctor used to have a relationship with the patients, they knew them, learned their personality, understood what is the norm for them. Today the limited time you get and the huge numbers of patients they cover means that the relationship is vastly diluted. I do believe that an element of caring has gone from the medical profession, it’s more a production line of sick people who need to fit into a neat box to be treated otherwise you are on your own to a large degree.

Even with my recent dealings with a number of doctors for different issues, when I mention the Ciprofloxacin ADRs I have experienced the reply is usually something like “That’s unusual” or “Really, we use them all the time”. They seem blissfully unaware of the on-going battles people have when these things go wrong and seem even more reluctant to want to believe you when you tell them what’s happened. My problem is very much with the Fluoroquinolone antibiotics but I’m well aware of the issues with Statins and pretty much all medications.

The problem I have now is a lack of faith in the medical establishment. I no longer feel like I can rely on a doctor to help me recover or that they are overly concerned for my well being. I also have such a concern with medications that I’m reluctant to take anything anymore, party because I now don’t know how my already screwed up body will react and partly because I’m not convinced that the doctors fully understand the drugs they hand out. It leaves you in a very worrying place where you fear becoming unwell because you really don’t know how to deal with it without medication.

I want to be clear, this is a very general view and I understand there are doctors out there who do keep up to date, who do listen to the patients, who do care. But I think these are few and far between these days.

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