Feeling pretty tired

It’s been a tough few days dealing with this. I’ve had some better moments only to be knocked back hours later. The psychological effect of this constant up and down can’t be explained adequately. You are constantly in a cycle of believing things are improving followed by a crash.

After a better evening Saturday and probably a good 6 hours sleep I felt OK yesterday morning. When I say OK that’s a relative expression in that I felt OK compared to recent symptoms. I had a lazy morning and rested. I decided to grab a short walk in the afternoon just to keep the legs stimulated. But my legs were tired, the muscles tighter than recently and I felt weaker again. I managed a short walk but decided to head home earlier than I wanted.

I had muscle tightness and cramping sensations when I got back so decided to take a epsom salt bath soak. I lay in the warm water listening to more Floxiehope Podcasts,  looking for inspiration and a positive vibe to stop me spiraling down again. That offered temporary relief but it faded pretty quickly.

Caroline made us a lovely veggie meatloaf for dinner which I enjoyed although I struggled to get through eating the meal due to my tired arms. I retired to bed by 7.30 and read for a while, caught up on social media etc..

My neck was in a lot of pain by now, it’s been pretty sore and weak for a few days. The skin is tender, the muscle tight and my joint at the top of the spin is hot and painful. The muscle has reduced and I expect the joint is weakened by the Ciprofloxacin. I found being a passanger in the car yesterday for a short time really aggrevated the issue.

I was still awake at 23.00 but tired so tried to settle. I managed to sleep until just after 3am again and woke up feeling pretty dire. My head hurt, muscles ached, heart raced and I felt pretty awful. I ended up dozing the rest of the night and couldn’t sleep again.

I dragged myself out of the slumber and realised I was feeling pretty sore today. My right arm is twitching a lot which it’s never done before. I’m feeling drained and emotional again, even shedding a few tears whilst Caroline comforted me. She’s been a rock for me during this, keeps me from diving into a real depression and gives me a reason to want to recover from all this.

Today I’ll try a mixture of rest and work. Hopefully things will improve for a while during today.

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