Mitochondria story offers hope

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity is believed to damage Mitochondrial function, a key process in converting energy in our bodies and in the aging process. As we age the Mitochondrial activity decreases leaving us with less energy and causing the body to age, wrinkles appear, age spots, muscles decrease and so on. Mitochondria are a key employee in the bodies workforce and are believed to have their origins in our ancestors from billions of years ago.

When you are damage by a Fluoroquinolone the damage done to the Mitochondria effectively ages you prematurely. You get many symptoms related to the aging process such as muscle loss and weakness, skin changes such as sudden appearance of wrinkles and moles, joint issues and pain.

This study indicates a breakthrough in understanding why Mitochondrial age by Newcastle University will hopefully lead to new treatments. If we can slow down or reverse Mitochondrial damage we will age less quickly and suffer less age related illnesses.

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