Today “I Hurt”

After a bit of an up and down day yesterday I went to bed with a headache brewing and feeling pretty weak and tired. I’d taken a small drink of tart cherry and sprayed my limbs with magnesium oil to try and ease the discomfort. I woke up at 5am and I didn’t feel good. My head was throbbing, my arms, neck, shoulders all hurt. There was a pressure behind my eyes which felt like my eyes were being pushed out from behind.

I couldn’t settle, the pains were quite intense and the head pain evolved to include burning pains. I couldn’t believe I was going through this again, like I’d gone backwards weeks in time.

I grabbed a cold flannel,  put it on my head and lay back trying to at least get into a position that didn’t hurt. I dozed for a couple of hours and eventually woke properly. And so today I’m aching and my neck, shoulders, arms, legs all ache. My head hurts and eyes feel really tired. I have to remind myself this is early days, it’s going to take time, keep focused and positive and don’t fall into the abyss of doom!

I can see how easy it is to simply roll over and give up. Sometimes the mental torture is extreme, you think you’re going to die, you feel like your body is falling apart bit by bit which to some degree it is. I’m determined to get better, it will take time and I will have bad days I’m sure buy I can’t rollover and give up!

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