Visited GP, positive experience!

Just back from visiting my GP and very pleased to say it went much better than expected. He reviewed our previous meeting, verified my last blood tests were all normal before opening a Web browser and logging into a German Medical Portal he uses.

He had found a document relating to the recent FDA hearing in November and as he read through the document I could see he was starting to understand. The documents listed many of the symptoms I presented with on my last visit, it also stated that Ciprofloxacin should be last line of defence and not first line, something I raised on my first visit that he had dismissed.

The end result was he agreed that Ciprofloxacin was the likely reason for my predicament but it was not clear how to move forward. He has to assess my condition and refer me to an appropriate specialist. He decided first port of call should be another blood test to check for rheumatology issues then send me to a rheumatologist who could start by checking my tendon, muscle and joint issues.

I was pleased when I left, although I know there’s little they can do except rule things out I did feel like a small battle was won by him accepting Ciprofloxacin as the cause and hopefully he learnt something by reading that article. He also agreed that the reality is doctors and the medical industry really are a long way from understanding the human species and that maybe 10% is understood and the rest is still unknown. He also agreed that medicine isn’t foolproof, lots of drugs are used for years and then new data arrives and they are withdrawn. He said there’s new medications they are using now that they really won’t know the full impact of for 10+ years.

A positive day!

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