A day of fresh air, sunshine then fatigue and anxiety

The sun was shinning this morning, warm golden rays of light were shinning through the window blinds onto the bed when I awoke. Outside I could hear the birds chirping, the Doves were singing their usual song and there was the sound of traffic way off in the distance. It felt good to hear those sounds, felt like spring was on its way at last.

My legs were stiff as they always are in the mornings now. I climbed out, got myself ready for the day then went and sat with Caroline for breakfast. She suggested we might pop out for a walk and fresh air which sounded like a great idea.

We went to Sandringham, only 5 miles or so from us. It’s the Queens holiday retreat and a couple of miles from Prince William’s home. There are lovely forest walks of varying lengths to follow which is ideal for me at the moment as I try to keep the muscles working. We had a nice steady walk, saw a whole bunch of wildlife including a small deer that walked out right in front of us. Here we are enjoying the sun and wildlife.


So we finished the walk and had a couple of chores to do before heading home. By the time I got back I was feeling pretty tired and I’d had a few palpitations. I grabbed a bite to eat and shortly after I felt pretty shaky. I ended up going to bed to rest and try to get my body to calm down.

So after a lovely start, a very peaceful and relaxing walk with my girl the evening arrives with me once again feeling a bit unwell.

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