Yesterday, better than the day before?

Sunday, funny old day really. When I was a kid Sunday was all about a having a big roast dinner and watching old movies on the television. No shops were open back then, it was simply a day of rest, maybe something missing from today’s hectic lifestyles?

My nan would put together a fantastic dinner with beef, roasties, Yorkshire puddings, veg and thick gravy. It’s a pity that back then, when you’re young, you don’t appreciate the simple things in life, things that later in life you look back on with real fondness. I’d do anything to be sat with my Nan, my mum and my family again eating and talking around the table. My Nan passed away in 2004 suddenly and my Mother in 2009 after a brief battle with Cancer, the fact I’ll never get to sit and talk to them again hurts to this day.

Anyway, back to yesterday… In recent years Sunday would be a day to go for a ride or pop to town for a shop and coffee or maybe grab a movie at the cinema. With my current physical limitations the ride is out of the question and my diet means eating out is difficult but I am hobbling about so a trip to the cinema it was. My girl drove us there and we went in and had a couple of hours away from reality. I had a bit of popcorn and a few sips of coke and it was a nice break from the daily mental tortures I’m facing.

I’m finding it really hard to enjoy much at the moment, the anxiety, constantly changing pains and lack of decent sleep all contribute to a general feeling of being “out of control”. My mood varies from trying to be positive and focused to depressed and will this ever end! Still I try and carry on as near to normal as I can, what choice is there. Patience is not something I have much of these days. With life’s clock ticking by relentlessly I don’t feel I have time to waste.

So back to yesterday, the good news was that my legs were a bit less tight and painful but the joints in the knees and ankles were very clicky. I can feel the looseness in them as I walk. I had some burning sensations but I’m generally learning to ignore them. My latest uncomfortable issue is a pain in my head I’ve been getting the last couple of days. It’s like a hot focused pain at the top left of my head towards the rear. Comes and goes and is pretty unpleasant and worrying.

This afternoon I have an opticians appointment to check my eye health and sight. I only had one done a few months ago but the constant discomfort in my left eye, the dryness and occasional blury vision needs checking out.  Time for breakfast and to see how today unfolds.

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