Another weekend arrives

20th February 2016

The last couple of days have been pretty mixed symptoms wise. After a week or so of my legs feeling a bit less tight and painful things took a dive early this week and suddenly I developed cramping all over the place, arms, legs, back, chest, fingers you name it. Any stretch of the muscle would trigger a cramping sensation. I’ve noticed my muscles are weaker and also they have lost size. The padding on my feet seems to have become less and it hurts to stand for long and to add to that the padding on my backside and arms has also reduced so it hurts if I lean on my arms or sit on hard seats.

My left eye continues to feel dry and has a dull ache behind it which concerns me enough that I have booked an appointment to get the eye checked next week. That’s followed the next day by a GP appointment where I’ll go over my recent health and follow up on some blood tests that were done. To be honest I don’t expect much from that appointment, everywhere I have read so far, peoples stories and blogs, seems to indicate that the doctors have little knowledge of the ADRs that happen with these drugs and as such they are at a loss as to what to do. Even if I can convince him that based on my symptoms and the chain of events that led to my current situation, that I am suffering the results of side effects I am pretty sure there isn’t much he can do. Sure he can test for various things that might be causing my tendon/muscle issues, my peripheral neuropathy issues, check my eye, check my bloods but it won’t tell him for sure what is going on as there are no tests for this. As far as a cure, again there’s nothing defined for this, it doesn’t fit into a box and therefore it’s a case of fend for yourself and hope for the best.

Last night I went to bed about 10pm feeling pretty tired having had a bad night Thursday. I actually drifted off pretty quickly but woke up again just after 3am with pains in my stomach. I felt pretty awful, shaky and anxious, my head was spinning and my breathing was tight. I didn’t get back to sleep again all night so today I’ve been pretty tired and achy.

My mental state isn’t the best, just struggling to deal with my inability to do most of the things I like right now. I feel like I have little to look forward to anymore, I can’t ride my motorcycles, the one thing I’ve always relied on to clear my head and de-stress myself. I had a couple of bike trips planned but it’s unlikely I’ll be fit for those now or possibly any this year. We had a trip in a couple of weeks to a music event and now it’s looking like that might not happen because of the amount of walking required. It’s like all the fun things I had planned have been erased and I’m left with nothing.

Another thing that is getting me down is that I was desperate to get fit this year, I bought a Fitbit at Christmas and planned to join the gym and get myself in shape again, ironically to reduce my chances of getting ill as I get older! Now I can barely walk around the block let alone jog, cycle or run. All my joints click and feel loose, my knees grate when I get up, my shoulders and back lock up when I sit for a short time, it’s like my muscles and tendons are just getting worse not better.

That’s the big question, how do I get better? I don’t want to stay like this and I don’t want to get any worse. If the Ciprofloxacin has caused a problem with my cells causing them to replicate new damaged cells and if the collagen and connective tissues are being damaged how on earth do I stop it and reverse that!



3 thoughts on “Another weekend arrives

  1. Alright mate,

    My names Dave, I also live in the UK and was floxxed about 7 months ago. Honestly your story mirrors mine except for the fact that my reaction was immediate after the second pill. I was taking it for a uti. Its absolute hell. I’ve tried all kinds of supplements and I think I am a little better but not much. Got a rheumatology app today for what its worth. Totally disillusioned with western med.

    • Hi Dave. Yeah it really does screw you up mentally and physically. My body feels like it’s creaking, odd pains, ongoing joint and tendon/muscle pains and the mental torture of just wanting to get well but you know only time and healthy lifestyle can help. Seeing my GP on Wednesday but not expecting much of a result there. To be honest I’m not sure what to say to him because listing out ALL the issues would make me sound like a hypercondriac!

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